Shoes and how to walk gracefully
Makeup tips
Voice Training

Shoes and how to walk gracefully
A girl is not complete without shoes to die for. Oh! There are so many glorious shoes and boots to wear. I have made it my mission to check out every shoe shop and Internet site I see for shoes and boots.

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Wearing high heels for the first time can be a frustrating and painful experience because, like so many other activities, practice and correct technique are required.

For example there are even correct procedures for placing a shoe on easily and comfortably, but we won't go into that now. Though many girls think a shoe is too small, but in reality you may just not be used to the pointy toes. Shoes will slowly stretch and mold to the shape of your feet, but this will take some time. DON'T buy a new pair of shoes and wear them out all night. Break them in. Admire them in front of a mirror and practice walking when you are alone, as often as possible. High heels accentuate the muscles at the back of the leg and give shape and make them attractive.

Before you walk, practice standing in front of a mirror. Courts and pumps are easier to wear than sandals. When you put them on, the spike should be an extension of your heel. With the court or pump type shoe, you rely on quite a tight heel cap to prevent the heel slipping off as you walk. I find boots very comfortable.

Remember that the foundation of an attractive walk is good posture. When standing, weight should be evenly distributed between your heel and sole. Try to imagine your centre of weight coming down your legs in line with the heels, but just forward.

There are few more pleasurable feelings than walking gracefully in stilettos and also few less pathetic sights than an ungainly gait. It can spoil an otherwise gorgeous girl's impact.
A graceful walk is actually good posture in motion. The most important consideration is balance, especially when wearing stiletto heels. The traditional training method for walking is to practice with a book on your head. That forces your body into proper alignment. At first everything will seem unfamiliar and unbalanced, but I am sure that you have learned to balance to ride a bike. Wobbly at first, but you so wanted to move onto that motor bike. Didn't you? Well after a few lessons and practice, you can be walking in the highest, raciest shoes and boots around.

When you walk, your feet should be moving one foot in front of the other, almost a straight line, but slightly apart. Don't start trying to walk like a cat walk model or you will look ridiculous! Heel down first. Sole follows quickly and smoothly. Don't put extra weight on the heel at first contact, or you will end up breaking your heels. The ball of the foot, just behind the big toe, takes the most weight. There are a few exercises that you can do to prepare and maintain leg muscles for walking in high heels. I expect by now you wished you had played a few less games of football. Well you don't think we actually wear those high heels for comfort do you?

If you are long-legged don't take too small a stride or you will end up with silly small mincing steps. Stride lengths should be in proportion to height. I have much shorter legs and only take steps of about 30cm in high heels. You won't want to be on your feet in new shoes for too long.

You wil also need some turning lessons and sitting instructions. The correct walk has a satisfying feeling to it and it's a pleasure to walk in heels if you get it right. You will feel confident and ready for anything. Except perhaps for doing you own makeup!

makeup tips
This is where building those tiny ships in a bottle and painting those model aircraft as a boy wasn't wasted.
It means you have had practice with tweezers and small fiddly brushes. After a close shave, tone and moisturize

The best brand of makeup I have found is Derma Blend. There are several types that are used professionally on stage by the Drag Queens, yet will still give you a natural look.

Make up can make you look younger or like a tragic trannie, so take care. There are some instant facelift tricks that you can use with tape, which helps with eyebrow lift. And wax can be used to cover brows that cannot be plucked too much.

I use a concealer, all over the beard area, and also under eyes, around the nose. Next, foundation. T-girl colouring is usually a little darker than for most women. Go with just one shade lighter than your outdoorsy boy colouring., and a darker shade for taking photos with flash.

One of the big mistakes is to use the one colour all over your face. Nature never uses just one colour! Look in the mirror at the colours in your face and look in magazines at the highlights and shadows used on the models.

Get a big makeup brush and set with powder and a smaller one for blush. You should see a contrast between your contoured and blushed areas and the rest of your face. Smooth out the contrast with face powder. Remember, blend, blend, blend!

For flirty eyes! Use a pale eye shadow from the eyelid to bottom of the brow. Unless you are going out at night, stay away from blues, silvers and other colour eye shadows. The older you get, the more this rule applies

In general we want a passable natural look, with a youthful glow. Apply only half way up to your brow. Then use a darker eye shadow over the lid. The younger you are the blacker it can be. Smudge and blend. After some practice, liquid eyeliner works well, top and bottom lids.

False eyelashes are a must, but use the finest you can find. I have some that are very realistic. You may need to trim them to size. This will also take practice and will feel like you have butterflies sitting on your eyelashes. So now you only have to mascara the lower lashes, one at a time holding the brush vertically. Comb brows and feather on with brow pencil, accentuating the arch.

For luscious lips you will need to create these, bigger and fuller than your own. First the base. Apply something like a chapstick. Lots of models use "Blistex" all the time. It gives you that lipstick feeling and makes removal of the real lipstick a breeze, and helps leave no trace of the pigment. We don't want your wife or girlfriend thinking that you are having an affair do we?

Using a lip liner, slightly darker shade than the lipstick, you need that little "bow" on the top lip. Make a "V" right in the center of your upper lips, but go a little higher than your actual lip! Follow the curve of your lip, and end up at the corner of your mouth. Now fill it in with lipstick. If you wish, cover with lip-gloss for a tantalizing sheen.

Done! Now you are ready to do your hair.
Wig colour and length is a very personal choice. I know, you all want the long blonde one! However, to be more effective, go with more of your natural colour with a few highlights. (Or maybe the colour you were 10 years ago.) Chose a style that is fitting for you age. That doesn't mean daggy, but not too young and not too old.

The great thing about wigs is that you can have a few for different looks and moods. Don't limit yourself. Just ask your wife or girlfriend or better still an honest female friend, how much she spends on a cut and tips at the hairdressers and I can guarantee each visit will cost as much as one wig! I know from experience. So be fair to yourself. Hair is your crowning glory, have a few wigs and look after them. Make sure that you also factor in the cost of proper wig comb and wig care products. This is an investment.

I recommend that you look at the wigs on for ideas of styles. They are a great Melbourne company. I have available all their wigs, sometimes even cheaper than on their web site. Be AWARE, however! The style might look great on the wig model, but not be suitable for your shape face. Styles that work best, have a fringe to hide bushy eyebrows and hair that gently comes around the chin, to hide beard regrowth.

Don't forget the accessories, earrings, bracelets necklaces. You are pampered, perfumed, all dressed to the nines, makeup and hair done all and look and feel incredible. But how do you sound?

Voice Training
The voice is the finishing touch to establishing your femme self. The obvious difference is pitch. Women have only a slightly higher pitch of about half an octave. However there is more pitch variation, which gives it a more "sing song" sound. It is possible, with lessons to use a different part of your voice box. I have taught deaf children to use sounds and it is a quite similar method. Women also have more roundness in their voice. Practice softer sounds and longer sentences. Try a more croak or husky whisper… very sexy

You have more than enough tips to keep you going well into the New Year to get in touch and improve on your femme self. Off you go!

Practice, practice PRACTICE!

Promise me, that on no account, feel guilty about your femme self. We all have a mixture of male and female sides.

Above all being T-girl should be fun!